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My Work With GameSpew
Frank Turner (2012 Olympic Opener) Interview for Crush FM
How to Make a Sundial (Royal Observatory Greenwich) [Voluntary Video Editor]
Alex Thomson (Channel 4 Chief Foreign Correspondent) Interview for Crush FM
The Night Sky (Royal Observatory Greenwich) [Voluntary Video Editor]
Preston (Ordinary Boys) Interview for Trident Media [Producer & Editor]

Jury Service

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Jury Service is the relaxed, silly podcast that judges internet dilemmas and the hosts Robert Gammon and Fraser Walsh decide who is in the wrong.



My old blog from WordPress. My work has adapted and improved but these posts were too nostalgic to simply throw away. I hope you like this look down memory lane too.


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Who Am I?

In short: A content creator with a lot of inherent heart and silliness.

Hello, I am Robert Gammon and I have worked on a whole host of media and have created this page as a way to consolidate this work all in one nice place.

I started my journey on Fresh FM in Woolwich, London at 15 and got hooked. I learnt a lot about what media is, what an audience wants and lot about me. I ended up as tutor there at 18 and even got a qualification in interview techniques. All before heading to university to continue my journey.

There I ended up Station Manager of Crush FM (now Trident Media Radio), the oldest student radio station in England (though this is debated). It was a great little station that had a lot of personality. I ended up with some personal accomplishments and still managed a 2:1 in philosophy. How I managed that, I have no idea!

As this was ending I started to expand my horizons and looked to the web for opportunities. I started a long running podcast for the independent gaming website GameSpew. They offered me a writing role and I was hooked. I attended big press events with Warner Brothers and at Pinewood Studios, covered some amazing games and even delved into my own relationships with games and mental health. I remain a common freelance contributor for them to do this day.

Now I am looking for the next chapter in my writing and content career. Hope you join me on my way.

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