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Charlton Bury’d Alive in Dave Jones's Locker

After the fall out of three Charlton representatives failing to pass EFL Owners and Director Tests last week, Charlton look to be sinking against a sea of terrible mismanagement. The links between Charlton and Bury are also rising ever stronger, with the attempt to appoint Dave Jones.

There have already been strong links between Bury’s Expulsion from the EFL (English Football League) last year and the current Charlton ownership - catch up here.

Who is Dave Jones?

Dave Jones is an ex-player and manager whose biggest claim to fame is Jeff Stelling’s targeted rant at his terrible stewardship of Hartlepool. But his most recent role to date was his consultancy to Bury, appointing Paul Wilkinson as Manager - who managed no first team games. His appointment at Bury did nothing but bolster his own pocket amongst a backdrop of cost-cutting measures and everyday staff getting made redundant,

Not Wanted

Despite, or perhaps in spite of, Chris Farnell’s eagerness for Dave Jones at Charlton, the appointment has met with a tide of resistance both internally and externally. Fans have seen the clear links between Farnell, Jones and Bury and voiced their concerns while insults shown in the management of the footballing side of Charlton must surely sting.

Without Dave Jones's help, Steve Gallen and Lee Bowyer have managed to convince Jonny Williams and Ben Amos to extend their contracts and promising targets were on their way to Charlton, only being rejected due to the strict transfer ban placed on Charlton. Charlton’s transfer team has consistently punched above its weight securing young and exciting talent on a limited budget even amongst a transfer embargo for over half a year.

There seems to be no need for an extra consultant to be put on Charlton’s books and overseeing transfer activity, unless the appointment is made without the club’s best interests at heart.

This increasingly looks like an opportunity for serial disaster capitalists to get a pay day from a sinking ship. Dave Jones is just the most recent name to jump from Bury to Charlton.

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