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Old Blog 10/10/17: I Need a Jingle

Every good podcast tends to have a good intro. It tells the listener that straight form the offset that what you are hearing has had (at least) a tad of editing.

Intro tunes or jingles add an air of authenticity to a podcast as it follows old radio conventions. The old rules of radio state that shows need an opening jingle and this seems to carry over to podcasts. Even talk radio often has a jingle or two, with Adam Buxton’s podcasts proving this and more. Simply said, for a podcast to seem somewhat professional it needs an intro tune or jingle.

When I produced the weekly GameSpew podcast we got around this by creating a unique song, that incorporated lyrics about games and the website, each episode. While this was quite charming it was also a bit off-putting to new listeners who weren’t in on the joke. On Gammon & Joe’s Notorious Show (later The Notorious Show), we had a brilliant little jingle produced by Joe’s brother.

However, I am not good enough at composition and do not own the right software to create my own jingles for the upcoming Coconut Threeway Podcast. That is why I am asking if there are any talented artists out there willing to write and produce one for me? Or, failing that do you know any decent copyright free music we can use? If so please get in touch!

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