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Old Blog 11/10/17: Watching Women's Football

It is half-time. Charlton WFC are 2-0 down.

I really enjoy women’s football. The woman’s world cup a couple of years ago was one of the best times I have had supporting a sport. The energy, tenacity and drive that these ladies had to take a trophy home was audacious and compelling. It was like a punch to the gut when we conceded in the last minute to Japan, but a third-place finish is nothing to turn your nose up at.

For all this enjoyment I am yet to see my club’s (Charlton) women’s team play. A mixture of not being in the area, being busy and simple laziness has been the main factors in this. However Charlton are fairly supportive of our women and often they play at The Valley, as they are at this moment. If I was in the area I would like to say I would pop down. They deserve the support, they have won eight out of eight games this season, which is bloody amazing.

I am not braving the strong winds and even stronger rain today but fortunately Charlton are streaming this game against local rivals West Ham. Unfortunately we are behind by two goals. Not ideal but the football that these girls are playing seems decent if only they can improve in the final third. I am sure they can do it. Come on you reds!

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