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Old Blog 11/6/18: My East-Anglian Journey


My week really began on Wednesday as I ventured once more to the land they call East Anglia. It’s actually quite popular though it is easy to forget. The purpose of my visit was to see my girlfriend again and fill her world with love and joy. Before I could bestow her with my presence i had to sit through a few hours on the Megabus.

I have found Megabus to be superior than it’s competitors on several occasions but a few hours on a bus is never described as a pleasant experience. But my journey from Stratford was better than expected. The bus was hardly full meaning a full set of seats to myself and the ability to recline without being a right bellend to the person behind. I was having the trip of my life until the sun reached started staring straight into my eyes for hours on end - I had nothing useful to block it out and ending up with a headache come Norwich.

After a peaceful reuniting with Anna I spent most of Thursday applying for jobs and working on some writing for GameSpew. It was nice to just sit with Anna and enjoy doing nothing together. But I did have an ulterior motive to my good behaviour, I was preparing her house for something not used to in their all female residence. Football.

England played Costa Rica in their last friendly in warm up for the world cup. If I was excited for the world cup before that game then I am on my edge of my seat now. Not only was it an enthusiastic performance by England (who won 2-0), it was also the promise of non-stop footy come Thursday, not so coincidentally the day after I go back home!

Friday was more of the same but with a bit more competitive Bananagrams. Bananagrams is a game played like quickfire Scrabble, with every person aiming to get their letters in a complete crossword before each other.

Saturday was much more eventful with Anna and her family performing at Great Yarmouth Arts Festival in a Sinfonia. We arrived their early in the afternoon and I got to spend the whole day admiring the beach and seaside amusements while they rehearsed. Luckily I wasn’t alone but joined by Anna’s sister who was coming to watch as well. I proceeded to thoroughly thrash her at some mini-golf before we went back to watch the performance.

It was spectacular. My girl can really play some violin and the whole lot of them put on a show. I loved the Rossini the best as it was upbeat and booming like myself. It was great to watch the performers play with such vibrancy and professionalism but still look like they enjoyed themselves despite the uncomfortable seats at the Minister.

Sunday was evidently quieter and we had a trip to see Anna’s nan (though they call her Grandma). With an evening of The Muppet's Treasure Island.

It has been a great week away and we are going Laser Tag tomorrow that you shall hear about this time next week.

Until then, have a good week!

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