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Old Blog 12/9/17: Weekend Laspe

Oops... I missed a couple of days. In fairness it was a weekend and life has moved so fast I have found it hard to document.

Firstly, the Friday night in which I left you all was a big night, full of dancing, drinking and catching up with old friends. Blimey, I had missed out on a lot of gossip in my time at university. Despite this time off I slipped into my typical role of accident waiting to happen. It is weird to think that some of the best things you can do is can't about nothing to someone you ain't seen in donkeys.

I had the comfort of my mate's sofa and a small hangover the next day. To be fair to my friend he was a superb host - shower, sleep and drinks all provided. And some godly toast served in the morning and I was in heaven. By the afternoon I was ready for the days activity of playing some D&D. My obsessive gambling dwarf wizard (Gruff Rubblestone) was ready to tear some goblins a new one.

At the same house at the party we all enjoyed another thrilling instalment of this start pack campaign. Closer to Kragmor Castle than ever before our DM added a flamboyant riddle master into the mix. I would love to go into all the details but I am afraid the excitement is all in the environment you create when rapped up in the fun.

Sunday was spent resting, sorting out some housing and cooking a roast. For a veggie I cook a bloody lush roast with potatoes to die for. The secret (well not so secret) is to add a tad of rosemary.

Monday was a long day as I was up the hospital with my mum at 6 o'clock for her partners surgery. A whole knee needing replacement means he will be away for a couple of weeks but as far as we know it all went to plan.

Finally we come to today and I have sorted out living with my Grandad, Aunt and cousins for the immediate future. A lot of boxes being moved and a quick Hoover has set me up a nice room with a short commute when I start work next week. I write this having after my celebratory meal in spoons, pictured above, with a good dollop of English mustard added after (Colman's of course, my other half is from Norwich).

Now onto The Valley this evening for my first Charlton game this season.

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