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Old Blog 13/10/17: Working Title: Click-Bait

Hello everyone I am announcing that I am working on a novel or novella! This is just a way to keep myself working on it.

I have had this idea for a novel/novella for a while and decided a few weeks ago to finally give myself the kick up the arse I needed to write it. I thought a good way to monitor my own progress would be to post a small excerpt every fortnight. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as long as its nice.

The basic premise is that the world is like our own except there has emerged a hero of sorts. A woman who kicks arse and beats up criminals has been cleaning up the streets under the guise of The Maiden of London Town, with only her secret identity to protect her. That is until a reluctant website writer is forced to write a click bait article about her, he decides to call it: 10 People Who Could be The Maiden - (No.3 Will Surprise You!). This article unwittingly gives away her identity and forces the writer from the world of memes into the criminal underbelly.

His pants had been around his ankles for a solid half an hour when the notification went off on his phone. It had been exactly twenty-four minutes since he had sat on the toilet seat and the rim was starting to dig into his arse. But for Fred Lamp, that modicum of pain was nothing compared to the intense dullness that was his work. Instead of falling asleep at his work-station it was much more pleasurable to go to the men’s room and dig his butt into the seat and browse social media and pretend to care about people’s birthdays, children and be secretly jealous of all the fun that his “friends” (and he used that term lightly) were having. To him he was substituting one pain in the arse for another.

One of Fred’s favourite toilet activities was to search for the latest memes and enjoy a few hilarious moments that promised to make him laugh, well internally at least - and indeed at most. It was almost ironic that he found this activity so enjoyable as more often than not it was his workmate Barry that would be at the forefront of these memes and on top of the latest craze. It was Barry’s job to find these memes and adapt them to the latest article that Fred was writing.

That is the opening two paragraphs at this time being. Hope you enjoy it!

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