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Old Blog 19/6/18: Monday Madness


Last Monday was an amazing day. I was still residing at my girlfriends in Norwich and was happy to keep chilling with her doing nothing much at all. Luckily for us, her sister had different ideas. She recommended that we hire a double slot at the local laser tag arena. For only £5 each, the three of us set off to blind each other in the ultraviolet arena.

We all picked our chosen equipment that all had their own names. Anna was Starlord, her sister was Voldemort and I was Poison Ivy. We engaged in a 40 minute free-for-all of stunning laser action. The terrain was varied with lots of secret hidey holes and plenty of overhanging arches. I felt like Arnie stomping around the hallways looking for my prey to shoot. There was a lot of time to hide and cover but there was more timing under constant fire. Anna’s sister was constantly on my back, sneaking up on me and firing into my back. Luckily her prowess in surprising me was not matched by her accuracy. Anna on the over hand was devastating in her shooting and also her cheating. Several times we would come in close combat, only for her to grab my gun or put her hand in front of my laser. And no, I am not bitter because she won.

The rest of the day was a laugh as we perused the nerdy shops that are abundant in Norwich city centre, before saying by to her sister.

By Wednesday it was my day to go home, thoroughly refreshed and loved up  with a interview looming on the Friday. When that rolled around I was ready and I scrubbed up well for the occasion. I believe it went well and I left with a big grin. But that may have been because of the world cup.

Since Thursday (not coincidentally the day after I came home) it has been nothing but non-stop football action. This has kept my attention the whole weekend, including during at work. Luckily working at a pub, that behaviour is kind of allowed.

Sunday was father's day but we delayed it until the Monday (or yesterday at the time of writing). It was a fantastic day. We met early with dad, going shopping to fill up on all the snacks and finger food needed for the big England match. When we got to my brother’s we gave Dad his presents, some of which were belated Christmas presents that had only just been delivered by Amazon. I also presented him with a nerdy Star Trek Enterpise shaped bottle-opener I had got from the nerdy shops in Norwich that put a smirk on his face.

Then the match came around, Gareth Southgate’s first proper test and what the whole nation had waited for. My reactions matched most of the nations. The elaboration at our early form and deserved goal. My exasparation at the soft penalty awarded against us and the lack of punishment for the rugby tackles on Kane. And sheer delight as we finally clinched through Kane the talisman of the side.

It was everything a good dad’s day needed. A lot of stupid laughs, anguish and an England win! It was even followed by some Tekken Tag Tournament Two, reminding me and my brother’s of our old times playing dad at Tekken 3. I think I lost my voice during my time shouting encouragement to England (and less savoury things to the referee), and at my youngest brother as we attempted to beat the other two in a team battle.

Before I go I also managed to write a few articles for GameSpew.com that looks very pretty in its new refurbished look.

First of all is the GameSpew team’s highlights from E3, I loved a lot of it but I am most excited for Resident Evil 2 following the great gameplay trailer. I go into more detail here.

I also managed to squeeze in playing the delightfully interesting Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy. An Indie game that allows you to delve into the dreams and multiple personalities of young Dorothy.

If you like my writing you can read more here: https://www.gamespew.com/author/robert-gammon/

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