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Old Blog 21/1/18: Robert Gammon's Search for Meaning #5... with Chris Hunt


Sorry it has been so long but in the same way life always finds a way it also always gets in the way. The wait was surely worth it as I am joined in my philosophical endeavour by my good friend and often co-host with the mo-most, Chris Hunt (the one doing the kissy face).

Listen Here!

Me and Chris became fast friends in our first year of university. With a shared love of everything nerdy and creating bizarre content. While my work was mainly behind a mic, Chris loved to make short videos in the style of Gerry Anderson flicks. I would often star in his crazy projects and loved every second of them. We also appeared side by side on a flatmate’s student project that had me host a live film review show called Slated with Chris as my pun filled guest.

On this episode we talk about all the things that mean a lot to Chris. Starting strongly Chris mentions how kids should go to school as its important, before we talk a lot about The Notorious Show. We then delve deeper and chat about how a racing helmet represents his own personal development and how he has inspired confidence in children.

I hope you enjoy this return to the blog and the latest episode of the podcast.

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