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Old Blog 3/10/17: Excess

I have a real grievance with viral Facebook posts that try and parade some real atrocities of food as a luxury. The lesson often should be less is more.

Often when scrolling through social media you will come across a post which shows people fawning over someone who has made the latest dish that is always stuff full of the same things, cheese bacon and beef. I may be a veggie but I can still appreciate how nice these things each are, I used to have bacon nearly every day, but even I, with the surname of Gammon think that these recipes over did it.

It seems the case that they think the only way to improve a dish is to add more, often of the same ingredient instead of adding a different spin, a unique blend of spices or daring flavour. I like when I see a reinvented way to cook a meal but when you are stuffing a burger in a pizza, I think that I will probably just ruin both meals.

The problem as I see it, there is no less is more attitude and the excess just makes me think of greed. The programme Man vs. Food is the epitome of this, what I see as vile, behaviour of excess and waste and it really pisses me off.


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