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Old Blog 3/9/17: A Grand(dad) Day Out!

A lovely Sunday evening that seemed oddly traditional considering I have been all over the gaff until fairly recently. All spent with my lovely Grandad Bob.

Prior to this Sunday my brothers and I had planned to go out to a carvery treating my mum and also my Grandad (another Robert Gammon ...God help you) to a Sunday lunch. Picking him up from his house we get he usual banter and joking that epitomises his behaviour. He is a cheeky Grandad, often joking and winding me and my brothers up but I do love his jokes and silly humour. He is getting slightly ruder in his older age, even calling someone a "wanker" but I think that might just be because he doesn't filter his language now me and my siblings are older. However he is still a funny old man making silly jokes and comments and what more can you ask for in a Grandparent. While at his house he also presented each member of the family with a brown envelope. We would only open these up after we returned him home after the meal.

The meal itself was gorgeous. I had the carvery despite being vegetarian as you can't beat the trimmings of a good roast. I spent too long loading my plate with mounds of roast potatoes and boiled veg, only to surround that veg by a moat of veggie friendly gravy. The rest of my family -to a letter- all had Gammon. Cue the inevitable cannibal jokes that, as a Gammon, you are far too used to. Either way a refreshing pint and splendid roast at a nice pub isn't a bad way to spend a slow Sunday afternoon.

Getting back to my Grandad's, me and my brothers perused over old photos of the family, all of us donning the best 90's children's fashion and me looking like a young Macaulay Culkin. Again I felt like a trip in time, not just seeing all these old photos but the nostalgia of being nostalgic, of spending quality time with the family. After a pleasant time digging into the past it was time to open these brown envelopes.

Inside these secretive brown packages were scans of my Grandad's artwork that he has been working on in his art classes. I had seen most of the works before but it was lovely to have some his pieces to hand as he is pretty talented. I am bias but you can judge for yourself as they are on my Instagram. However, the best of the lot was the cover of this mini portfolio. This cover was an old picture that my Grandad had found of an 18th century painter working on his canvas, however my Grandad had altered the picture, not via Photoshop but by physically cutting an old photo of his face out and placing it on top of the picture as his scanned it. Old school still cuts it!

That brilliant piece of art is the featured image for this post, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my cake (mentioned in yesterday's post) that I am tucking into as I write. See you tomorrow!

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