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Old Blog 4/9/17: Monday is Admin Day!

Admin makes me angry on the best of days but on a Monday morning it can royally bugger off. Today was a day full of form filling, waiting on hold and general ball-ache.

Master’s Degrees require a ton of writing, I didn’t realise that most of that occurs within administration forms. To be fair my absolute star of a supervisor had done most of the work for me and so all I had to do was fill in the blanks. But before I could do that I had to check many financial matters, the most boring and stressful of matters.

It turns out my financial fretting was all a bit premature but you never can be too careful in this world of Wonga loans and sneakily increasing interest. Being careful in this context meant being on hold for literal minutes on end and being transferred from one office to another. But I got it done.

I decided to repay my diligence with more admin, this time in the form of job applications.

It is extraordinary how many boxes I had to fill out just to say the same thing. I am the best. I am the best producer, best writer and best form filler! The latter may indeed be true after today, I certainly have the experience. Hopefully all this hard-work pays off as I have an interview tomorrow, whoopee.

Either way, I will have my brother to fall back on him as I kip on his sofa tomorrow night. Some brotherly antics will no doubt feature on tomorrow’s post.

Wish me luck and see you tomorrow!

P.S. Oh and England scraped a disappointing win. I can't expect club and country to play well. I also didn't have a great picture of me filling out forms so enjoy this old picture of my old uni mates jamming - we never made it to the big times... or a gig!

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