• Robert Gammon

Old Blog 6/9/17: A Horrible Wednesday Afternoon

I am writing this blog post on the train to central London, so apologies if my writing is naff (well more naff than normal).

Exciting times though. As I am going to play mini golf in a converted warehouse in London. What a weird and wonderful idea, that is surprisingly cheap. All the more money for beers. Nothing better on Wednesday night.

I spent most of the day researching, reviewing a game and of course, watching Horrible Histories on Netflix. I balled my eyes out at the Bafta winning sketch show. If you haven't watched it yet then you need to give it a go. It may be aimed at kids but it has sketches and one-liners that are more sophisticated, yet sillier than any other British comedy. Perfect for a lover of the genre.

I will leave you with a selfie. Why ever not?


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