• Robert Gammon

Old Blog 9/10/17: Err...

I say um a lot After recording two podcasts and editing one of them, I have realised that I say um or erm a lot.

It is something that I have always done but a lot of time people don’t notice. That may be because I have never come across as a nervous public speaker. I am not worried about talking to groups of people or performing, in fact I thrive on the experience. I feel much more comfortable in front of an audience than my everyday life. Which makes this habit even the more confounding.

So what is the umming and erring about? One theory I have is that my mouth moves quicker than y mouth. I am known for my talking often going all around the houses when telling a story. Any tale I tell is often intersected with several useless facts, a series of background documentaries and a whole lot of nonsense. I often get lost in thought but my mind keeps on going. Perhaps using these ums to allow my feeble mind to catch up.

It makes sense.

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