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Old Blog 9/11/17: A Throwback to Frank


Firstly, sorry I have been away for over a week, life is hectic as always and last week was emotionally heavy. There will be another Search for Meaning podcast next Sunday, don't worry, but today I am going to revisit my most impressive interview of my career.

Today I am going to throw back to one of my best achievements in radio and that was when I got to interview Frank Tuner.

I have been a massive fan of Frank’s since my lovely friend Dave Welch introduced me to him years ago, just before his kickass ‘England Keep my Bones” album. An album that made me want to finally learn how to play guitar if just to strum out of tune chords that I would sing over. All very Rock n’ Roll.

I originally tried to get him for interview for the youth station Fresh FM from our small studio in Woolwich. He politely turned us down as, quite rightly, he was too busy. However, when I progressed to station manager of Crush Radio (my student radio station at Hertfordshire) I managed to persuade him (well his PA) for five minutes of his time.

He was just releasing his new single ‘Josephine’, my personal favourite single from the album ‘Positive Song for Negative People’ and about to perform locally at Alexandria Palace. A gig I couldn’t afford at the time, both in time and with my poor student budget.

Frank was as polite and cool as he appears elsewhere and kindly answered my questions that, looking back were a bit naff. I certainly grew into the interview after holding back my initial fangirl screams. The edit did wonders for me, but you can tell that I can edit better now.

Either way I hope you enjoy this interview from yesteryears.

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